Bannock, Toronto

Bannock describes its cuisine as ‘Canadian Comfort Food’, and as a lover of any kind of comfort food, I had to check it out. Accompanied by my dairy-free boyfriend (yes, we are the worst dinner guests ever), we arrived at the restaurant on Saturday night.

After being seated and ordering their summerlicious special cocktail, a mix of gin, strawberry lemonade and juniper, I asked our lovely server what I was able to eat. Because of summerlicious, they were offering a slightly reduced a la carte menu, and I have to admit that there weren’t a huge amount of options available for ceoliacs.

Here’s a list of what I was told I could eat:

  • Broccoli & Bacon salad
  • Caesar salad without the croutons (snore)
  • Peppered Flat Iron Steak with duck fat potatoes, mustard greens and salsa verde
  • Turkey burger without the bun or the fries (again, snore)

Obviously, I went for the Peppered Flat Iron Steak. IMG_9366I was instantly impressed when the meal arrived because of the large portion. I hate leaving a restaurant hungry! I was also put at ease by the server confirming that the whole dish was ceoliac friendly, without me having to ask.

The steak was delicious, perfectly cooked and well-seasoned, but the main winner of the dish was the potatoes – I could have eaten 1000 more. If you’re a roast dinner lover, you would love this.



Overall, I had a delicious meal at Bannock and left with a very happy tummy. However, because they use the same fryer for gluten and non-gluten free items, there are minimal options for coeliacs. I would totally recommend the cocktails though, so it’s a good spot to go for a drink!

One thought on “Bannock, Toronto

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I’m about to head to bannock with my father because he loves it and I can’t eat 99.9% of the food on the menu (snore) haha this was great, definitely getting the steak


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