Dirty Bird Toronto Review

One of the saddest parts of being a coeliac, for me, has been mourning the loss of fried chicken in my diet. Of course, I’ve tried those optimistic recipes of ‘homemade gluten free fried chicken’ but always ended up with dry, powdery chicken strips that tasted absolutely nothing like KFC.

Yesterday, I stumbled across the gem that is Dirty Bird.


Located in the centre of Kensington Market in Toronto, Dirty Bird specializes in fried chicken and waffles. All of their chicken is gluten free, and for $2 extra you can get a gluten free waffle, made on a separate gluten free waffle maker so there’s no issue of cross-contamination. 3 out of 4 of their sides, including the fries, are also completely gluten free.

My boyfriend went for the ODB – a boneless quarter leg on a waffle, served with buttered maple and their signature ‘Dirty Sauce’.

I went for the 3 piece combo (2 legs and 1 breast piece) with fries (pictured).



Verdict: The fries were yummy and seasoned perfectly, the portion was huge and the chicken was hot and crispy… but somehow still fell ever so slightly short of the traditional fried chicken flavour that I was hoping for. Regardless, it’s definitely a seriously good alternative for a coeliac who misses fried chicken!


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