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Day 3 of USA Road Trip: Cleveland, OH

Day 3 started off well; a quick, traffic free drive to our hotel near the airport in Cleveland. However, as we went to check in, it turned out that our hotel was CLOSED FOR RENOVATIONS?! We had only called 3 weeks ago to confirm everything! After reacting to the news in a mature and professional manner (crying over a bag of trail mix in the car), we stole someone’s wifi and booked ourselves into the nearby Super 8.

Once we’d dropped our bags, we headed into town in an Uber and walked along North Coast Harbor Walkway to snap a couple pictures with the Cleveland sign and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The weather was HOT and humid, meaning that my hair was out of control – the picture below is actually me and not Monica Geller in Barbados.




Enormous hair aside, I LOVED walking around Cleveland. It’s such a sunny, friendly city, with interesting things to see around every corner. A top favourite of mine was the ‘FREE’ stamp. Side note: Don’t bother walking out of your way to visit the ‘world’s largest outdoor chandelier’… it will be a huge anticlimax when you find it. We stopped at a Galleria for lunch and I had something called a ‘King Potato’ from The Great Steak. It was honestly the biggest baked potato I’ve ever seen, piled high with sour cream, cheese and bacon…. #healthiswealth :S



DSCF0142We then hopped on the Red Line to see the Cleveland Museum of Art. There was so much to see and do, including a very cool interactive exhibit, and it’s completely free of charge! Perfect for budget road trippers like us.


Back in town, it was time for dinner.  We went to Barrio, a deservedly popular Mexican restaurant on Prospect Ave East. It’s so good for gluten free that it’s gone immediately up there in my top 10! Once seated, you get chips and salsa that are both unlimited and complimentary (dream), and their marg selection is huge! That’s nothing compared to the tacos though. You fill out a ‘Build Your Taco’ sheet at the table, and can create any kind of tacos you want for only $3 each! Vegan, gluten free and dairy free options are clearly highlighted, so everyone’s covered. You absolutely have to try the Coca-Cola Steak. Best meal of the road trip so far!


Off to Cedar Point tomorrow! Fingers crossed for good weather.


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