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Day 6 of USA Road Trip: Mammoth Caves, Kentucky and Nashville! 

This morning we drove to Mammoth Caves in Kentucky for the Frozen Niagara Tour. I wasn’t afraid at all until the tour guide announced, ‘when you enter the cave, the ceiling will be covered with what look like spiders…’ At this point I’m ready to run back to the car and leave, ‘… but they are just crickets.’ OH GREAT. Cave crickets! Crawling all above my head. He then went on to warn us about the bats, to which ewan whispered in my ear, ‘remember they are bigger and faster in America’. It’s a miracle that I even made it into the cave. I’m glad I did though as we saw some really cool stalignites and rock formations! Plus, it turned out that the bats were the size of chicken nuggets. 

After filling up the tank and finding CHIPOTLE RANCH FLAVOURED CRUNCHY CHEETOS (yes!!!!!) for lunch, we drove on to Nashville. 

I’ll admit that when the Uber first dropped us off on Honky Tonk Highway, I hated it. It was really noisy and there were people screeching everywhere. The elderly lady in me wanted to go home to peace and quiet. However, one Nashville Lemonade down and I started to enjoy it a little more! By the end of the evening, I kind of liked it. 

We had dinner at Martin’s BBQ, which I actually wouldn’t recommend to coeliacs but definitely would to anyone else! Ewan LOVED his brisket, fries and baked beans, and I really enjoyed my wings and baked potato, but the staff were not knowledgeable about gluten allergies which made me feel a little uneasy. The waitress knew exactly what the chicken wings were brined in and how they were cooked, so I felt safe with them, but all the other meats she just said I ‘should be fine’ with, which wasn’t good enough reassurance for me. 

Got another full day in Nashville tomorrow! Please comment if you know anywhere I should go to eat 🙂 

2 thoughts on “Day 6 of USA Road Trip: Mammoth Caves, Kentucky and Nashville! 

  1. Check to see if Hattie B’s menu has any options.
    The Stillery was great as well – not sure about GF options. For something a bit fancier – Etch was amazing.


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