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Day 10 of USA Road Trip – Charlotte, North Carolina 

Every single time we eat at a chicken wing restaurant, Ewan orders super hot wings. And EVERY SINGLE TIME, they are too hot and he regrets it. It’s a vicious cycle. However, this evening at Wild Wing Cafe in Charlotte was another level. He was sweating, grunting and crying to such an extent that the waitress came over to offer him a glass of milk. In between sobs and fishing ice cubes out of his drink, Ewan announces that he’s never been in as much pain in his life. I suggest that he just stops eating them… but Ewans paid for these wings so he’s damn well going to eat them. Tomorrow is going to be fun! 

Talking of Wild Wing Cafe, they have a pretty decent gluten free menu. I had wings myself and really enjoyed them! I, unlike Ewan, know my spice limits. 

Other than eating wings, we also walked around Charlotte today and it was okay. The city’s tag line is ‘Charlotte’s got a lot’ and I would disagree with this statement and change it to ‘Charlotte’s got a bit’. We did pop into the free Wells Fargo museum and get our faces printed on money though, so the day wasn’t too short of excitement. ‘The Green’, a literary themed park, was also a highlight. But let’s put it this way – when we went to the visitor centre, the lady told us that the most fun thing to do in town was go to the cinema…. 

SO excited for Charleston tomorrow, thinking we might head straight to Boone Plantation (which also happens to be where The Notebook was filmed) if the weather is good! 

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