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Day 13 & 14 of USA Road Trip – Savannah 

When I told my friends that the stop I was most excited about on the road trip was Savannah, they all looked at me like I was a little bit odd. But honestly, this place is BEAUTIFUL. I’m not sure I’ve ever been anywhere quite like it before. There are stunning, greenery filled squares littered all over the city, and dozens of cute seafood spots. But yes, Cece, you were right. It’s bloody hot. 35 degrees while we have been here! 

On our drive from Charleston to Savannah, we stopped off twice on the way for breaks. Our first stop was Beaufort, a sleepy little town on the river. We had a little walk along the waterfront then hopped back in the car to drive to Hilton Head Beach. Hilton Head Beach was huge, and very busy on a scorching hot Sunday. We had a couple virgin cocktails on the beach. 

When we finally arrived in Savannah, we checked in to our hotel and were relieved to find it clean and spacious. We even have a chaise lounge! Much better than the last few places. We drove into Savannah as it’s free parking on weekends, and wandered around Forsyth Park. I’ve literally spent hours googling this place, so it was weird to see it in real life! Totally lived up to my expectations.

We found a cute little book themed chocolate shop to have a pre-dinner snack (normal for piggies like us) and then headed to Fire Street Foods for dinner. I had a delicious pad Thai but it was ENORMOUS. This is a negative point for me because I am incapable of not finishing a meal… despite knowing that I was full 20 minutes ago. I ate the whole thing, regretted it immediately and spent the rest of the evening as a comatose zombie. 

Of course, because I am a bottomless pit, I awoke the next morning starving. We had the free breakfast at the hotel (meaning that as a coeliac, my options are a banana and then cream cheese eaten alone with a spoon…) and then went for a swim in the hotel pool. We then got the bus into town and explored the waterfront, stopping for lunch at The Shrimp Factory because we were lured in by their $5 cocktail signs. I had 1lb of crab legs (again an example of excessive eating) that took me over an hour to eat. They were SO good though. Ewan helped me out with a few and enjoyed them – his first ever crab legs! 

After lunch, we headed into downtown to browse some shops, and ended up in the Savannah Bee Company. Again lured in by alcohol, we did some Mead tasting. Mead is essentially a wine made out of honey and it is sadly not as nice as it sounds. We tried 5 different meads and I wasn’t a big fan of any of them. 

We were on our way to check out a church in the southern part of the city when the heavens opened. We rushed for cover under a bus shelter and then it started to thunder. Now, I will say first that I recently read an article about a lady who got hit by lightening and eventually died of her injuries, and it kinda freaked me out a little. I did not, however, expect to react like a 2 year old and completely overreact. We ran for ‘safety’ to a nearby building while I sobbed uncontrollably, screamed at every crack of thunder and almost gave myself a panic attack. Thankfully the only audience to this show was Ewan, and I am happy to say that he has not dumped me yet. Let’s hope we don’t get any more thunder and lightning soon…. 

Off to Atlanta tomorrow morning and we had dinner reservations at my favourite restaurant in the world. Excited is an understatement! 

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