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Day 22 of USA Road Trip – San Antonio 

If you’ve never been to San Antonio, GO. It’s hot, sunny and seriously pretty, making it a perfect summer vacation destination (if you prefer a pool to the beach, anyway). I could walk along the Riverwalk for hours! We entered the Riverwalk on Commerce Street and continued all the way around to do the full circuit. We came across a little art village called La Villita that was full of cute cafes and art galleries, and had a big grass auditorium on the river. Nothing was playing the day we were there, but I can imagine it’s a gorgeous place to watch a show! 

On our walk, we saw a sign advertising Free Tuesday’s at the Briscoe Western Art Museum from 4-9pm. We made a mental note to head back there that afternoon. After a quick snack break in the mall for a bit of AC, we walked towards the Tower of the Americas and came across ‘The Grotto’, a quiet, peaceful part of the Riverwalk, and saw a blue heron sunning himself. 

Next stop was the Alamo, a World Heritage Site that was the location of the Battle of the Alamo in 1836. There’s a museum inside and multiple places where you can watch informative movies about the history of the site, plus lots of cacti! I was incredibly impressed that it was all FREE! Definitely worth checking out. 

We were walking around town when we spotted a bustling bar down by the river with lots of twinkling fairy lights and servers wearing lederhosen. A sucker for fairy lights (and lederhosen), we had to pop in for a drink. Their special was a litre of beer for $5.75, which Ewan, ever the bargain hunter, ordered, even though he didn’t really rate the beer that much. He still managed to get through the litre! I had a glass of Riesling. 

Full of booze, we headed to the Briscoe Western Art Museum. Neither of us are particularly arty, but it was actually a really interesting place! It was only a short walk away from our dinner location, Rita’s on the River. Rita’s have a gluten free menu which is a little small but still great if you like Tex-Mex! I went for the chicken enchiladas and they were super cheesy… which is a huge plus for me! 

I will definitely be heading back to San Antonio one day, and would love to explore more of the local area! We also overheard a boat tour saying that one of the restaurants was known for their 32oz margaritas, which is something I’d like to go back and try!! We’re in Fort Worth at the moment and have had a great couple days, I will update you all on what we got up to tomorrow 🙂 

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Day 20 & 21 of USA Road Trip – Houston, Texas 

The drive from New Orleans to Houston was messy. As I was driving, small splats of what looked like creamy liquid started hitting the windscreen. ‘What IS that?’, I asked Ewan. He told me they were bugs! Gross. When we stopped for petrol, we wiped off all the bug splats, only to have the car covered again 10 minutes later. We stopped at a Sonic Drive-Thru for lunch, and when I rolled down the window to place the order, there they were! Black bugs about the same size as flying ants were everywhere, and trying to get into the car! They were always attached in pairs which made them look so creepy. I freaked and had to park up and hide in the car while Ewan went to place the order. 

As soon as we had wifi, I googled to find out what they were. LOVE BUGS! They are only around twice a year and come in swarms. They can also take the paintwork off your car if you don’t clean them off quick enough! What a pain in the arse. Hoping we don’t get too many now that we’re out of Louisiana. 

When we finally got to Houston, we headed into town for a walk (free parking on Sundays!). It was super quiet everywhere except for Discovery Green, a big space with lots of kids play areas and a water fountain that you could run through. We got some gorgeous views of the city skyline from Tranquility Park (which was more like Tramp-quility Park to be honest) and checked out some huge fish at the aquarium. 

For dinner, we stopped at Pappas BBQ. They have loads of gluten free options, including almost all of their meats and sides, but make sure you tell them not to add bread to your plate! I went for the half chicken with green beans and yams (sweet potato). It was HUGE and the sides were delicious, but the chicken was a little… soggy? It tasted like what I imagine canned chicken to taste like, and that is obviously not a compliment. Ewan’s pork looked good though, so perhaps I just made a bad choice! 

We decided that we didn’t need to head back into Houston the following day, as we’d basically seen everything we’d wanted to see. Instead, we decided to drive to nearby Galveston for a beach day. It was really relaxing and a nice change of pace from the last few action-packed weeks! Once we were bored of the beach, we drove back to the hotel and chilled out by the pool. We tested out our underwater camera and it worked! 

For dinner we headed to the Mexican restaurant next to our hotel, Tampico. It was really random but actually pretty good! They give you the option of corn or flour tortillas so a lot of dishes can be made gluten free on request. I ordered the veggie medley because I definitely haven’t been eating my greens recently, but washed it down with an enormous Mango Margarita #balance. 

Today we only have a 3 hour drive to San Antonio. Looking forward to seeing more of Texas, but hoping not ALL Texas drivers are as crazy as the ones around Houston. It’s no wonder that so many of the cars we’ve seen on the road have dents in them! 

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Day 18 & 19 of USA Road Trip – New Orleans 

One things for sure, New Orleans is a very cool city. Definitely not temperature-wise though, it hit 35 degrees this weekend! Our first night in the city was a bit of a bust, and I’m SO glad we had the whole day today to explore the city too, otherwise I wouldn’t have rated it very highly . Our uber dropped us off in the French Quarter, and our first stop was the famous Bourbon Street. The middle of the road was in construction, so you had to walk along two tiny, dirty sidewalks either side of the construction. The locals down this street were really unfriendly; one man even told us to ‘go back to wherever you came from’ as we walked past! Definitely not a great greeting to the city. We turned a corner and a group of old, seedy men were stood there with strings of beads around their necks, shouting at girls and saying that if they flashed them their boobs, they would get some beads. I’d heard about this New Orleans ‘tradition’ before , but didn’t imagine it being quite so gross in real life! I promptly lifted up my top…. JOKE. Never ever.

Then came the fun of finding somewhere to eat for dinner. I wrongly assumed that this would be easy because Southern food tends to be mostly seafood and rice dishes. It was a bloody nightmare – almost nowhere in the area had gluten free options, and the ones that did didn’t have dairy free options for Ewan! We ended up in a random cafe having a plain, boring salad. 

In contrast to last night, today has been amazing and we’ve seen a much better side to the city. We purchased an all day travel pass (very fancily named the ‘Jazzy Pass’) for only $3 which included all trams and buses. We started at the beautiful Louis Armstrong park, and then avoiding Bourbon Street, went back to the French Quarter and wandered the pretty streets, checking out all the praline stores (mainly the ones that advertised free samples..) and soaking up the sun. We did our research last night and found an amazing restaurant called Green Goddess that offers both gluten and dairy free meals. All the seats are outside but the tables have umbrellas so you still get some shade. I went for the grits, eggs, kale and pork dish – my first ever grits experience! I loved it. Ewan’s Indian Pancake filled with a vegan curry was also gluten free and tasted amazing. Would definitely go back! 

After lunch we headed along the Riverfront and wandered around the outlet stores for a bit of air con. In New Orleans, you’re allowed to drink in the streets as long as your alcohol is in a ‘to-go’ cup, so we purchased a couple mango and strawberry frozen daiquiris to drink on the way to the tram stop. We took the tram all the way to Audubon Park with the intention to have a walk around, but sadly the tram didn’t have AC, so by the time we arrived we were sweating horrendously and the idea of walking around a park in the 35 degree heat was not appealing. Instead, we sat like an elderly couple on a bench watching a water fountain for about 15 minutes before getting back on the tram to town. Wild. 

The rest of the day was spent hopping between air conditioned coffee shops until it was time for dinner. We went to Juans Flying Burrito for a tasty, quick, coeliac friendly meal. Tomorrow is another driving day to Houston, Texas! It’s going to be even hotter than New Orleans, so I’d better invest in a handheld fan!!! 

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Day 16 & 17 of USA Road Trip – Memphis 

The 5 hour drive flew by thanks to the hilarious podcast ‘My Dad Wrote a Porno’, and we were checking into our dodgy motel before we knew it. The room stank of weed and there were a couple suspicious stains on the wall, but we had arrived in Memphis! Time to go and explore. 
The hotel shuttle dropped us off on Beale Street, aka party central. It’s basically a geriatric version of Nashville, or at least it was when we were there – most of the patrons were over 60 and wearing rhinestoned Elvis shirts. To be fair, this could be because it’s the 40th anniversary of Elvis’s death this week! There were also a lot of motorbikes there for no apparent reason. 

We had a short wander around town before heading to dinner at Charles Vergos Rendezvous BBQ restaurant. EVERYTHING on the menu is gluten free except the bread, but make sure you tell your server that you’re gluten free as most of the meats are usually served on top of a slice of bread, even though it doesn’t say that on the menu. I went for the ribs with pork shoulder. The ribs were a little ‘meh’ but the pork shoulder was amazing! 

We went for a post dinner walk along the riverfront and had a drink while watching the sunset. The below bridge locals refer to as the Dolly Parton Bridge. I’ll let you guess why yourselves. 

The next morning, we headed into Memphis again to explore. We made our way to the Peabody Hotel for 11am to watch the ducks. For anyone who didn’t watch my Instagram video earlier, here’s an overview of what went down: 5 ducks come out of an elevator, waddle along a red carpet to an upbeat song, go up a set of red steps and into a fountain, where they spend the rest of the afternoon. It’s weird but I loved it. 

After the Peabody we walked to the Pro Bass Pyramid. For my UK readers, a Pro Bass shop generally sells hunting gear, weather wear, fishing apparatus…. etc. We had no need to go to this store but had been told that it used to be a sports arena so we were intrigued. If we ignored the hunting stuff, it was actually pretty cool. They had a bowling alley, a restaurant, a museum, a fudge shop and various aquariums. 

We stopped for lunch there and I was pleased to find out that they did a coeliac friendly burger with a gluten free bun. However, when it arrived, it was just a burger sandwiched between two freezing cold, rock solid slices of gluten free bread. It’s not going to win any burger awards any time soon, but I was happy to have options! 

After lunch we headed across to Mud Island Park, a very cool space that’s definitely worth checking out. You can walk back to town via the pedestrian bridge, which offers pretty great views of the city. It’s also completely free!

On our way back to town, we walked past a barber shop. Ewan’s been wanting to get his hair cut for a while, so we decided to go in while we had some free time. Ewan explained that he just wanted a 2 on the back and sides and the top trimmed a tiny bit. The barber seemed to understand and got to work. The first red flag was that the barber had Ewan facing away from the mirror, so Ewan had no idea what was happening to his hair. The second red flag was when he started shaving a crap load of hair off the top of Ewan’s head. I adopted the British plan of attack, which is to be very passive aggressive in the hope of controlling the situation. ‘Looks great but that’s probably enough off the top now?’ ‘Ewan, do you think you’d better take a look in the mirror?’ When these were ignored and he was still sheering Ewan like a sheep, I actually went over to the barber like some kind of overbearing pageant-Mom, and stopped him to say that he was taking too much off. Ewan caught sight of himself in the mirror and with a panicked expression, agreed that no more should be cut off. ‘Okay, I’ll just neaten up the front’, says the Barber, a second before he takes another 2 inches off. When he started working on Ewan’s beard, I had to avert my eyes, worried I’d be leaving the store with a 12 year old boy. THANKFULLY Ewan was a great sport about it and I actually think he looks gorgeous with her new surprise hair do! Proof of this below.

We HAD to go for an alcoholic drink after that, before heading home for an early night as we have a long drive to New Orleans tomorrow! Night all. 

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Day 15 of USA Road Trip – Atlanta 

I wasn’t expecting big things from Atlanta, but we had one of the best days there! It started with a stop at Stone Mountain Park, which apparently we had planned but I had completely forgotten about… so it was nice to have a ‘surprise’ thrown in to our insanely organized trip. Stone Mountain Park is basically just one ENORMOUS stone that you can climb, take a cable car up or get a railroad all the way around the base. 

We took the cable car up, getting a good view of the carving in the rock during the journey. Once at the top, we found out that there were only about 30 people up there, and as it’s such a huge area, we basically had it to ourselves! Lots of great photo opportunities.

We then headed to our hotel, which was another Motel 6 and we were dreading it after the last experience. Thankfully, this one was SO much better than Charleston and the lovely concierge, Ben, received bonus points for describing us as a ‘very-well mannered and professional couple’. Frankly, we don’t hear that enough. Our next stop was the World of Coca Cola, which as a die-hard fan of Diet Coke, I was so excited for! It was as excellent as I had imagined. The final room at the attraction was a tasting zone, where you could try over 100 different sodas from all over the world. All the fancy flavoured fantas were my favourite, especially the Apple Kiwi Fanta from Thailand. 

Now it was time for the event I had been waiting for all day…. DINNER! We went to my ultimate favourite chain restaurant, Legal Sea Foods. It’s a seafood restaurant that we found on vacation in Washington DC, and make a point to go to it whenever we’re in a city that has one as it’s just SO good for coeliacs. We shared the garlic and pepper calamari to start (I say shared but Ewan found it too garlicky so I basically ate the whole thing myself) and I ordered the spicy fish and chips for main. You’d never know that the batter was gluten free, it’s delish! 

We ended the evening with a walk around Centennial Park and the downtown area before heading back to the hotel. Now, after a long day of driving, we’ve just arrived in Memphis for a 2 night stay! Excited to see what we get up to. 

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Day 13 & 14 of USA Road Trip – Savannah 

When I told my friends that the stop I was most excited about on the road trip was Savannah, they all looked at me like I was a little bit odd. But honestly, this place is BEAUTIFUL. I’m not sure I’ve ever been anywhere quite like it before. There are stunning, greenery filled squares littered all over the city, and dozens of cute seafood spots. But yes, Cece, you were right. It’s bloody hot. 35 degrees while we have been here! 

On our drive from Charleston to Savannah, we stopped off twice on the way for breaks. Our first stop was Beaufort, a sleepy little town on the river. We had a little walk along the waterfront then hopped back in the car to drive to Hilton Head Beach. Hilton Head Beach was huge, and very busy on a scorching hot Sunday. We had a couple virgin cocktails on the beach. 

When we finally arrived in Savannah, we checked in to our hotel and were relieved to find it clean and spacious. We even have a chaise lounge! Much better than the last few places. We drove into Savannah as it’s free parking on weekends, and wandered around Forsyth Park. I’ve literally spent hours googling this place, so it was weird to see it in real life! Totally lived up to my expectations.

We found a cute little book themed chocolate shop to have a pre-dinner snack (normal for piggies like us) and then headed to Fire Street Foods for dinner. I had a delicious pad Thai but it was ENORMOUS. This is a negative point for me because I am incapable of not finishing a meal… despite knowing that I was full 20 minutes ago. I ate the whole thing, regretted it immediately and spent the rest of the evening as a comatose zombie. 

Of course, because I am a bottomless pit, I awoke the next morning starving. We had the free breakfast at the hotel (meaning that as a coeliac, my options are a banana and then cream cheese eaten alone with a spoon…) and then went for a swim in the hotel pool. We then got the bus into town and explored the waterfront, stopping for lunch at The Shrimp Factory because we were lured in by their $5 cocktail signs. I had 1lb of crab legs (again an example of excessive eating) that took me over an hour to eat. They were SO good though. Ewan helped me out with a few and enjoyed them – his first ever crab legs! 

After lunch, we headed into downtown to browse some shops, and ended up in the Savannah Bee Company. Again lured in by alcohol, we did some Mead tasting. Mead is essentially a wine made out of honey and it is sadly not as nice as it sounds. We tried 5 different meads and I wasn’t a big fan of any of them. 

We were on our way to check out a church in the southern part of the city when the heavens opened. We rushed for cover under a bus shelter and then it started to thunder. Now, I will say first that I recently read an article about a lady who got hit by lightening and eventually died of her injuries, and it kinda freaked me out a little. I did not, however, expect to react like a 2 year old and completely overreact. We ran for ‘safety’ to a nearby building while I sobbed uncontrollably, screamed at every crack of thunder and almost gave myself a panic attack. Thankfully the only audience to this show was Ewan, and I am happy to say that he has not dumped me yet. Let’s hope we don’t get any more thunder and lightning soon…. 

Off to Atlanta tomorrow morning and we had dinner reservations at my favourite restaurant in the world. Excited is an understatement! 

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Day 2 of USA Road Trip – Erie, PA

So we pick up the car from Avis this morning and of course our bloody enormous suitcase (who I will refer to as Big Red from now on) doesn’t fit it the boot, meaning it will have to sit in the back seat like a passenger for the entire 2 months. Joy. We also realise that our little Ford Fiesta has a built in GPS system, which would be great if we hadn’t just spent $100 on a sodding SatNav…. but we mustn’t dwell on that.

After a 2 hour drive with Big Red, we arrive in Erie, Pennsylvania. It is immediately obvious that Erie is one of the most boring cities I have ever visited, and this is coming from someone who has been to Detroit. So, we bypass the town and head straight to Presque Isle Park, which is a pretty island with lots of beaches and lookout points. It’s also completely free!


We stop for lunch at a diner called Sara’s, located right after you enter the gate to the park. The only gluten free lunch option was a grilled chicken salad, which for a lifetime salad dodger like me sounded very depressing, but thanks to the copious amounts of ranch dressing and grated cheese, I actually quite enjoyed it. Ewan had curly fries and a burger (not jealous at all).


After an afternoon of exploring and sunbathing in the park, we head to the hotel to check in. It’s a Super 8 and my expectations are low, but it’s actually a pretty nice place with a big room! We then head to Walmart to buy the essentials: shampoo, car snacks, a US SIM card and some cereal for me incase theres nothing I can eat at the free breakfast. After Walmart it’s dinner time, and because we’re lazy we just drive across the road to Applebee’s.

IMG_9607 (1)

I am SO impressed with the gluten free options at Applebee’s. There was lots I could eat, and the Caprese Mozzarella Chicken that I ordered was DELICIOUS. It was basically tomato, mozzarella, caramelized red onion and a grilled chicken breast, sitting on top of garlic mashed potatoes. Yum.


Heading to Cleveland in the morning! Night all x